We acknowledge that Inland Rail will be built and operated on the traditional lands of many Indigenous nations


We value our relationships with Indigenous communities and recognise their inherent connection to their traditional lands and their continuing responsibility of stewardship and caring for country and culture.

We will be consulting with Indigenous leaders at every opportunity to ensure progress on the Inland Rail program is carried out in cooperation with those Indigenous communities.

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Cultural heritage and Inland Rail


Watch our team working with the Western Wakka Wakka to undertake a cultural heritage assessment in the Toowoomba ranges in Queensland.

Our Indigenous Participation Plan

The Inland Rail Indigenous Participation Plan sets out our commitment to working in partnership with Indigenous communities to create meaningful opportunities that deliver lasting benefits for individuals, families and communities.

We show our respect for Indigenous communities and our working relationships by:

  • proactively engaging with Indigenous communities and their leadership, including Elders, to develop partnerships based on mutual respect and understanding
  • making an Acknowledgement of Country at our meetings and events, and ensuring there is a Welcome to Country for significant events
    encouraging cross-cultural exchanges and cultural learning opportunities for all Inland Rail employees and contractors
  • celebrating our Indigenous cultures at a local and regional level, supporting and participating in NAIDOC celebrations and other community events
  • where practical, working with Traditional Owners to find suitable names in traditional language and incorporate Indigenous cultural design in key pieces of infrastructure
  • encouraging participation of Indigenous community members in our Community Consultative Committees.

We are building positive working relationships with Indigenous cultural knowledge holders to promote understanding and help manage potential impacts to Indigenous heritage.

To achieve our cultural heritage goals we will:

  • meet all statutory and regulatory obligations under relevant cultural heritage legislation
  • where practical, manage cultural heritage by agreement with Aboriginal cultural heritage parties
  • develop systems and processes to ensure Inland Rail’s agreed heritage management commitments are met
  • provide opportunities for Inland Rail employees and contractors to learn about our Indigenous communities’ cultural heritage from elders and other cultural knowledge holders.

We are committed to creating opportunities for the development of skilled Indigenous workers through the construction and operation of Inland Rail.

To support this goal, we will work closely with our Indigenous community networks to encourage applications and increase the number of Indigenous people applying for vacancies.

We are committed to supporting Indigenous businesses to ensure they are prepared for and provided with opportunities to participate in Inland Rail.

As part of this commitment, we have engaged two dedicated Indigenous Participation Advisors in regional towns near the alignment. The advisors will help Indigenous communities to get ready for Inland Rail by building skills and business capacity.

Preserving Aboriginal cultural heritage fact sheet

This fact sheet describes how Inland Rail is managing and preserving Aboriginal cultural heritage.

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Indigenous Participation Plan brochure

Indigenous participation plan

The Inland Rail Indigenous Participation Plan sets out our commitment to working in partnership with Indigenous communities to create meaningful opportunities that deliver lasting benefits for individuals, families and communities.

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Working with contractors

We look for opportunities to contract Indigenous businesses directly through our day-to-day operations, drawing on local networks and utilising Indigenous business directories such as Supply Nation.

However, the majority of contracting and employment opportunities for our project design and construction work are realised in the supply chains established with our major contractors. We are working closely with these contractors to ensure that Indigenous participation targets are set and achieved.

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For more information about how Inland Rail is working with Indigenous communities, please phone 1800 732 761 or email us:

Cultural heritage enquiries: irculturalheritage@artc.com.au
General enquiries: inlandrailenquiries@artc.com.au

Inland Rail uses the term ‘Indigenous’ to describe the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia. Inland Rail will consult with local communities and use preferred terms (such as ‘Aboriginal’) for each Inland Rail project.

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