Gowrie to Kagaru surveys and site investigations April to June 2023

Between April and June 2023, our preferred proponent for the delivery of the Gowrie to Kagaru section of Inland Rail, Regionerate Rail, will undertake various site surveys as well as utility services and geotechnical investigations in the project areas between Gowrie and Kagaru.    

Image of a truck carrying machinery at an investigation site.

Investigation findings will inform ongoing design refinements for the projects within the Gowrie to Kagaru section of Inland Rail.

The works will include:

Site surveys
Survey will be non-intrusive and on foot. Equipment will not be required, and only light vehicles used for site access.

Utilities investigations
Utility investigations will generally occur in road reserves or utility easements. Equipment will include ground penetrating radar and vacuum excavation truck. Traffic controls will be used where works are adjacent to live traffic.

Geotechnical investigations
Investigations require bore holes of varying depths. Ground staff will include a geotechnical engineer, supervisor and two drillers, typically over a 2–4-day period. If required there will be minimal clearing and earthworks to allow the drill rig to access the site. The drill pad will be 5m x 5m and may be prepared to meet rig stability requirements. If the topsoil is stripped, erosion and sediment controls will be implemented, and the topsoil respread on completion and seeded.

Keeping you informed
We will keep you informed via website updates to the ‘Works notifications’ section of the Gowrie to Helidon, Helidon to Calvert and Calvert to Kagaru projects. You may also see advertising in your local newspapers as well as on social media channels.

Please contact us on 1800 732 761 or email inlandrailqld@artc.com.au if you have any questions about these investigations or Inland Rail in general.