Illabo to Stockinbingal project update May 2021

We have finalised the project’s reference design and a preferred alignment has been determined. This follows extensive design review, consultation with landowners and key stakeholders, and additional assessments including a constructability assessment, ecological and cultural heritage field investigations, and survey works.

The reference design proposes constructing a rail bridge over Old Cootamundra Road, Dudauman

The proposed reference design improves outcomes for previously impacted landowners, and includes key environmental wins and cultural heritage preservation:

  • sections of the alignment modified vertically and horizontally significantly reduces bulk earthworks and the overall footprint across the project.
  • reduced impact on established vegetation, including threatened ecological communities north of Illabo and alongside Isobel Creek.
  • reduction of earthworks means a shorter construction duration, fewer environmental impacts, improved visual amenity, a smaller footprint and better budget outcomes.
  • preservation and protection of a scar tree identified during our investigations through slightly moving the alignment.

Shifting the alignment into the existing rail corridor adjacent to the Olympic Highway at Illabo:

  • significantly reduces earthworks
  • reduces native vegetation clearance
  • reduces land severance
  • upgrades the current level crossing and removes the need for an additional level crossing
  • improves design of the public level crossing at the Ironbong Road road-rail interface, decreasing necessary earthworks and reducing the visual impact on the natural landscape.

Shifting the alignment further east at Stockinbingal Junction will:

  • reduce the extent of the cutting, but still provides the 140,000 cubic metres necessary to construct the Burley Griffin Way Overpass
  • allow use of locally sourced material
  • minimise haul distances and reduce impacts to the community and environment
  • minimise impacts to the existing waterways, therefore decreasing the number of culverts and bridges required
  • minimise disruptions to existing Burley Griffin Way traffic during construction.

The team will be sharing the proposed finalised reference design with the community in June and we expect to submit our finalised Environmental Impact Statement to the NSW Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment in September 2021.

Image: The reference design proposes constructing a rail bridge over Old Cootamundra Road, Dudauman.

Please note: Project visualisations are for illustrative purposes and not to scale. The Reference Design may change as a result of further investigations, government approvals or during detailed design.

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