Illabo Public green thumbs receive a helping hand

Illabo Public School students are living the Chinese proverb: “Life begins the day you start a garden”, by learning the value of growing a vegetable patch from seed to table.

Illabo Public School students in front of their new garden pot

Each Friday, students can be found tending their veggies across a series of new garden beds made possible through grant funding from Inland Rail’s Community Sponsorships and Donations program,.

Three students – Annabelle Ritchie, Nell Sheridan and Charlie Muller – recently took the time to share how their gardening project was coming along.

Annabelle said the grant was awarded at the start of the year and students were excited to work with the school’s Parents & Citizens (P&C) committee to get the project underway.

“Then COVID-19 hit and we had to go into home learning. The mission was postponed!” she said.

The return to school in May put the project back on track and Nell said people were even donating plants for the garden beds.

“Every Friday we water and weed our garden beds,” said Nell. “We were lucky to have had some rain on our seedlings which helped them grow.

“We planted some broccoletti, lettuce, celery, carrots and kale seedlings,” explained Charlie. “When we harvest our vegetables, they will be ready to sell to our parents and grandparents and we will be able to buy more seedlings with the money.”

The next round of applications for the Inland Rail Community Sponsorships and Donations program close on 31 October 2020. Visit more information.