Broadford Brigade makes firefighting safer with Inland Rail grant

CFA Broadford Fire Brigade’s volunteer firefighters will no longer face pitch black conditions once a fire is extinguished thanks to new safer torches purchased with Inland Rail grant funding.

Broadford CFA, recipients of Inland Rail grant

The brigade’s 60 crew members now each have their own new helmet and right-angled torch thanks to the Inland Rail Community Sponsorships and Donations grant.

“These torches are invaluable to us, considering the amount of night work we do,” Second Lieutenant Jay Martin said.

“Just the other week, we were out at a car fire in Tallarook and the torches were put to good use once the fire was out.

“We no longer have a shortfall in this safety equipment, which helps us to make sure our people come back from jobs safe and uninjured. In the dark at an incident, there’s a huge increase in risk that a member will trip and fall, which could result in an injury that forces them off work.”

For CFA Broadford, grants like Inland Rail’s are key to keeping the brigade running.

“Grants like this one help us meet an immediate need, which is just perfection for our brigade because it makes a clear difference to how we protect and serve our community.”

The next round of sponsorships is open to applications from 1 February 2021. Visit our website, to apply or find out more about Inland Rail’s Community Sponsorships and Donations program.

Second Lieutenant Jay Martin of Broadford CFA, recipients of Inland Rail grant

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