Inland Rail workshop explores opportunities for First Nations businesses

First Nations businesses in Broadford and surrounding areas attended a special information workshop in Broadford last week where they were encouraged to seek commercial opportunities on the Inland Rail project.

Delivered by the Inland Rail Social Performance and First Nations Teams, the Inland Rail First Nations Engagement Workshops aim to help First Nations companies understand employment and business opportunities on Inland Rail in Victoria.

The workshops help First Nations companies better align their service and product offerings with the specific skilling and supply needs of Inland Rail in Victoria.

First Nations businesses and individuals also hear how Inland Rail can help build capability by identifying skills and development opportunities and also highlighting potential workforce management and industry participation opportunities on the project.

Lionel Dukakis, First Nations Traffic Management Director said:

“My company is already doing some early works on the project, and we came here to find out about other opportunities that might be available in the future.

“My advice to other First Nations businesses is to go online, register on the ICN Gateway and get involved in Inland Rail.”

Ed Walker, ARTC Victoria and South Australia Projects General Manager, said:

“We are determined to increase the number of First Nations people and businesses working on Inland Rail.

“This event is an opportunity for First Nations community members and businesses to meet with our Inland Rail team and talk about upcoming opportunities in Victoria.

“We’re working with our construction contractors to support First Nations people and communities in realising the benefits of Inland Rail.”