North Star to NSW/Queensland Border project update February 2021

This month on the North Star to NSW/Queensland Border project we’re undertaking extensive ecology surveys and hydrology conversations while continuing work on our response to submissions report for the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).

Goondiwindi township and the Border Bridge over the Macintyre River

The North Star to NSW/Queensland Border project remains in the ‘response to submissions’ phase of the Environmental Impact Statement process. We expect to provide a final submissions report to DPIE for assessment in the coming months.

Current field investigations

Extensive ecology surveys are underway following recent rain which has created optimal conditions for surveying certain species. These surveys will determine the project’s biodiversity offset requirements. Biodiversity offsets are measurable conservation outcomes designed to compensate for adverse and unavoidable impacts of project construction, in addition to prevention and mitigation measures. Ecology surveys will be ongoing for the next few months. To learn more about biodiversity offsets for Inland Rail projects in New South Wales, please read our fact sheet. 

Upcoming consultation 

Over the coming weeks, we will work with directly affected landowners and local councils to further explore hydrology aspects of the project. This will support the response to submissions report. Property acquisition conversations will also continue with directly impacted landowners. For more information on Inland Rail’s land access and property acquisition processes, please visit our website.  

We welcome your feedback and invite you to contact the project team on 1800 732 761 or email for more information. 

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