November 2020 project update for Border to Gowrie

Last month on the Border to Gowrie project we continued to meet with community members at our Yelarbon and Pittsworth drop-in sessions, launched a new project procurement and packaging plan, and helped Southbrook Central State School plant trees for the future.

Gore highway near the township of Pittsworth - South East Facing

Project status

A draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Border to Gowrie section of Inland Rail has been submitted to the Coordinator-General (CG) and we are responding to requests for additional information. Timing for the project’s EIS public notification period is yet to be confirmed by the CG.

Traffic monitoring

Since late October 2020, the project team have been monitoring traffic counts at 45 locations throughout the Toowoomba Regional Council area. Locations are based on proposed road/rail interfaces for the Border to Gowrie project. These counts will be used to further develop the road crossing type.

Upcoming consultation

Local communities and landowners have been contributing to our understanding of this section of Inland Rail since early 2016. We encourage you to get involved in the process and invite you to contact the project team for more information and to provide feedback at any time.

Be sure to visit our project page to find out when we’ll next be in your local community. For more information call us on 1800 732 761 or email 

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