The Stockinbingal to Parkes project is in the reference design stage


During the reference design stage, our team is undertaking investigations and field studies and consulting with communities and stakeholders to determine the preferred design for the works required.

We have carried out field studies to gain an understanding of the environmental features, technical challenges and opportunities, including:

  • geotechnical studies
  • ecology studies
  • cultural heritage surveys

Landowners, councils, agencies and local community groups have also provided invaluable feedback that assists us in developing our design options.

When the reference design stage is complete, the design will be submitted to the relevant Government agencies for assessment and approval.

The environmental approvals required for the project is expected to be determined by a Review of Environmental Factors (REF).

Aerial view of Lake Forbes Rail Bridge, New South Wales.

Process to assess New South Wales minor projects

This fact sheet outlines the key steps in assessing Inland Rail minor projects in New South Wales.

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Learn more about what’s involved in the reference design stage.

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